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It is true that any organisation, like an adolescent, has a natural life cycle and over a period of time exhibits conditioned behavior. They have to face a plethora of problems:- stereotypical attitudes, obstinate behaviors, conflicts in the team, lack of sense of urgency, trust issues, low morale, slow or no growth, lack of innovation. How the organisation deals with their specific challenges during these transformation defines the identity of the organisation.

For an Organisation to grow, they should be open and flexible, ready to change direction and grab opportunities, be agile, rejuvenate the startup spirit, communicate the common goals that inspires the hearts of the people, clearly aligning the functions, roles and responsibilities and governance with the vision of the organisation.

To achieve this, fast growing Organisations understand the need to strategically invest in Organisational Development and Transformation to gain a different perspective of their current state and culture.

The 3 Ps that are important for any organization are Performance, Performance and Performance. Performance has become the need of the hour. Your success as an organization depends on how well your people perform. Customers, bosses, peers, vendors and virtually everyone demand performance from you.

Organizations today are looking for that next big thing that would help them achieve performance and growth and make them the leaders in their space. In the process they work on bringing change, driving excellence, improving performance. Those who successfully transform are the ones with the focus on their people. Irrespective of the external conditions they continue their march towards their vision in a consistent manner with performance benchmarks and self-constraint.

We enable organizations to script critical moves, build personal mastery, promote systems thinking, bring in operational agility through clarity and unity, and find your flow to achieve excellence and growth.

15 April 1912 – Does this date bring in any memories? The day when Titanic sank into the Northern Atlantic.Reason: Collision with an ice berg.Titanic was a pinnacle of comfort and luxury. With powerful engines it had an electrical capability to generate more power than the average city power stations. Edward James Smith was the most capable captain that the ship could have had. In spite of all the sophistication and the capability when it wanted to achieve performance and excellence it fell victim to an iceberg.

Most organizations in their pursuit of excellence fall victim to an iceberg. The iceberg where we get to see only the knowledge and skills of the team members forms 20% of the competency.80% of the factors that drive performance like traits, beliefs, motives, values are well hidden under the water line.

To drive performance and maximize potential it is important to understand what lies beneath the surface.Organizations need a more scientific way to assess not only the performanceof individualsbut their willingness to perform.

We at The-Enablers empower organizations to quantitatively assess the potential and performance of individuals.These assessments bring in more self awareness, helps in behavioral analysis, establish communication patterns and determine the motivational factors.


Personality of a person is influenced by two factors:- Heredity and Environment. Carl Jung in his book on Psychological Types defined four primary styles of personality as influenced by heredity. We tend to behave based on this natural instinct. In addition our environment also shapes our attitudes and hence directly or indirectly shape our behaviors. As a result we may end up wearing masks to suit the environment in which we operate. What we then see of a person is the manifestation of who they are and how they were influenced during their formative years.

What is required is a way by which we can be enabled to unmask the attitudes and get in touch with the authentic self. With heredity and environment strongly influencing the personality, there is not much that can be done by external elements to change a person’s behavior. A simple run-of-the-mill soft skill training may not be enough to bring about the transformation. What we then need is a method, a process intervention, by which one’s cognition can be influenced for the change to happen from within.

We enable individuals to understand their behaviors and the underlying thoughts that drives these behaviors. Through games and activities we provoke mindsets to think differently and bring out the natural behavior.


As human beings there is an innate need for us to express our emotions and talk about our feelings. Earlier our society had outlets where people could talk and pour out their woes. Today with the changing landscape in family culture and the fast life of the metros this has become increasingly difficult.

Everyone wants to advise or solve problems for others or want others to solve their problems. No one seems to have enough time in this task oriented world to do that one simple thing, LISTEN. Emotional Intelligence is available only in smaller pockets.

We all need someone who will be a neutral person who can listen to the employees, empathize with them, and enable them to solve their own problems. Each of us is capable of solving our own problems. However, when we are caught up in a sea of emotion, we are not able to think straight. We need someone to whom we can talk, confide the deepest of our feelings without worrying about being judged, backlashes, impact on performance appraisals and trust issues. We need a wellness coach who can counsel and help us maximize our potential.

Corporate Counseling is an Employee Benefit that an organization can provide to the employees. A counselor can be made available for the employees to talk to.

Counselors are bound by code of ethics to maintain confidentiality, be non-maleficent, and non-judgmental. By availing the counseling services corporates will be provide a safe environment for the employees to share their feelings and concerns.

The-Enablers is glad to offer such services to its clients. Our counselors come with Psychology and Neuroscience background and are well trained in the field of counseling. They have experience dealing with varied problems (marriage, self-esteem, child abuse, suicidal issues, interpersonal relations, personality issues, etc.). Further to this, the counselors come from corporate backgrounds and experience and can easily relate to what the employees go through.

Areas Covered at Organization Development
  • Competency Framework Definition
  • Performance Management
  • Climate Surveys
  • Change Readiness Surveys
  • Organization Restructuring
  • Process and Policies Definition
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Strategic HR Consulting

Areas Covered at Psychometric Assessments
  • Individual Development Plan
  • Personal Coaching
  • Career Planning
  • Interpersonal Relations

Sample Topics at Behavioral Interventions
  • Team Building
  • Handling Feedback
  • Art of communication
  • Campus to Corporate
Test Data

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