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Competency Framework — A must for better performance management

Amit, an employee of a multi-national organisation is seen to be very anxious, perspiring a lot, getting cramps, dealing with mood swings. Do you know who else is in such a state? Why, none other than Amit’s manager, Suraj. It is that time of the year that both have to deal with PMS- Performance Management System

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Understanding organisation development through personal change

As we pass through the various life stages, we as human beings go through multiple changes. Erik Erikson in his psychosocial model has described the various stages and the conflict or change at each stage we all go through. In general we seem to be very accepting of such changes and adapt ourselves to the changed environment, behaviours, beliefs and values.

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Change Attitude to Reach Effectiveness (CARE)

Any organisation, irrespective of the size, would want to focus on performance and growth. The question that keeps the leaders awake at night is whether to focus on targets, goals and objectives or to focus on people, engagement and motivation. Perhaps the solution is to focus on both. Irrespective of whether an organisation uses state

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Enriching People Enriching Organization

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