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What happens when you sow multiple seeds in a soil? Do all of them grow into plants or are there some which wither away before reaching its potential? Seeds once sown need to be nurtured through proper care to ensure it grows into a plant. For a seed to grow into a plant there is a need for external support like air, water, sunlight, space and time at optimum levels. By a process called Germination the seeds grow into a plant through a phased approach. Mere presence of these factors does not make a seed grow. There is a need for external enablement to nurture the seeds and provide nourishment for growth.

Like plants, organizations go through a phased approach of development. Not all start ups grow into a full blown multi national. While some make it others close down. Every organization may have its own share of resources, space, and time. What then makes a difference between those who successfully grow as compared to the others is the way these resources are nurtured and utilized through the various organizational processes and dynamics.

In their pursuit for excellence and growth organizations do need the external enablers to better utilize their resources, weed out the unwanted roadblocks to growth and nurture their potential.

We at The-Enablers equip the organizations to nurture from within and achieve excellence and growth through our expertise in Behavioral Science and Organization Development processes.



“Enable Organizations to create learning and enjoyable
work environments based on trust and collaboration
with a focus on Operational Excellence”

Meet Our Team

Gopal Subramanian

Chief Excutive Officer


Behavioral Trainer, Organization Development Partner, Coach & Counselor, B.E (Computer Science), M.S (Computer & Information Sci-ence), M.Sc. (Psychology), Diploma in Counsel-ing, Certified Life Skills Trainer, Six Sigma Black Belt

Srividya Nagaraju

Learning Facilitator


Masters in Commerce, Masters in Psychology, IIM Bangalore Alumnus, Advanced NLP Practi-Certified Career Guide

Anil Singh

Chief Implementer


Mechanical Engineer, Gold Medalist in Thermal Engineering, Masters in Business Adminstration (Human Resources), Certified Psychometric Assessor (FIRO-B, Thomas Profiling...

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