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Erik Erikson in his psycho social dynamics described the various stages that each of us has humans go through. Larry Greiner in his model of organizational life cycle talks about how each organization goes through various stages. What is common in both the approach is the change that happens as we transition from one stage to the other. When we go through our own development we seem to be more accepting of the changes. However, when it comes to organizations,they go through evolutionary and revolutionary phases.Evolutionary phase is when organisations enjoy growth without any roadblocks. Revolutionary phase is when they face one or more disruptions.

General tendency for organizations is to look at such revolutionary changes with paranoia. However, with some effort these can be considered as change points that can be leveraged by organisations to transform themselves.

Any organization, irrespective of the size, would want to focus on performance and growth. The question that keeps the leaders awake at night is whether to focus on targets, goals and objectives or to focus on people, engagement and motivation. Perhaps the solution is to focus on both. Irrespective of whether an organization uses the state of art technology, is financially cash-rich and has the best strategy forward, unless people change their attitude towards the organization and change their behaviour, nothing will change.

It is important for organisations to practice systems thinking, i.e. look at the holistic picture rather than specific events. For any learning organisation, patterns of behavior and system approach is more important than isolated behaviors and event-thinking.

Question: How do Organizations bring about the change?
We at The-Enablers equip the organizations to nurture from within and achieve excellence and growth through our expertise in Behavioral Science and Organization Development processes. We help organizations to not merely react but create, not just survive but prevail.



“Enable Organizations to create learning and enjoyable
work environments based on trust and collaboration
with a focus on Operational Excellence”

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Gopal Subramanian



Behavioral Trainer, Organization Development Partner, Coach & Counselor, B.E (Computer Science), M.S (Computer & Information Sci-ence), M.Sc. (Psychology), Diploma in Counsel-ing, Certified Life Skills Trainer, Six Sigma Black Belt

Srividya Nagaraju

Learning Facilitator


Masters in Commerce, Masters in Psychology, IIM Bangalore Alumnus, Advanced NLP Practi-Certified Career Guide

Anil Singh

Chief Implementer


Mechanical Engineer, Gold Medalist in Thermal Engineering, Masters in Business Adminstration (Human Resources), Certified Psychometric Assessor (FIRO-B, Thomas Profiling...

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